Chimney and Fireplace repair

Chimney and Fireplace repair

Chimney and Fireplace repair

Imagine how much water would come into your home during a rainstorm if you had a hole in your roof twelve inches square. Chimney flues may be even larger than that, so where does all that water go? It runs down the chimney and seeps into the bricks and mortar, settling behind the firebricks. There is little air circulation in the chimney (unless you’re using it) and no sunlight, so the inside of the chimney stays wet long after the rain stops. This moisture erodes the mortar joints and weakens the brick. Add to this a freeze/thaw cycle during the cold months, and you have all the needed ingredients for a deteriorating chimney.

Take our word for it: even though you can’t see the damage happening, it’s there, slowly deteriorating your beautiful fireplace and chimney. This is a particularly important consideration if you have a metal firebox incorporating a metal damper and smoke shelf. All fireplace dampers made of metal are subject to this deterioration as the water mixes with creosote and mild acids are formed. Even chimneys serving woodstoves are in need of a cover.

Listed below are several good reasons to have a chimney cap:

  • Keep out rain, snow and sleet.
  • Keep out animals and birds.
  • Keep out leaves, twigs and other debris that could lead to a blockage or chimney fire.
  • Keep sparks from leaving the chimney and igniting nearby combustibles.
  • Help eliminate wind-induced downdrafts.
  • Chimney caps are made from a variety of materials. The most common are galvanized, stainless steel, and copper. Caps made of stainless steel and copper will last much longer than those made of regular galvanized metal and normally carry an extended warranty. Spending a little extra for a good quality chimney cap will be money well spent and there will be no danger of rust staining the chimney.

    CHIMNEY CAPS : Chimney caps help keep your flue free from blockages, birds nests, and water damage. We install high-quality stainless steel chimney caps which are designed for years of trouble-free service. Contact us today for more information.

    DAMPER REPAIR / INSTALLATION : A poorly fitted damper, or a missing or damaged damper, cost you money each winter – as the heated air in your home leaks up the chimney. Properly fitted and operational dampers save you money in yearly heating and energy bills. Our dampers are top-quality, and are installed by professionals. Contact us today for more information.

    WATERPROOFING :Water and moisture damage both the inside and outside of masonry chimneys. In early Spring and late Fall when the temperatures are above freezing during the day, and dip below freezing at night, damage is done to masonry chimneys when the water trapped inside them expands during freezing. Protect your masonry chimney with high-quality ChimneySaver waterproofing. Contact us today for more information.

    Chimney and Fireplace repair: CROWN REPAIRS : Chimney crowns act as a masonry roof over the empty part of your chimney chase – keeping water out of the chimney. Crowns take quite a bit of abuse, and need to be repaired or replaced when they crack or split due to weather. We have several solutions for cracked crowns depending on your particular situation. Contact us today for more information.

    Chimney and Fireplace repair: MASONRY REPAIRS : Chimneys are constantly exposed to the elements, and water wrecks many of them. Tuckpointing and masonry repairs are an inevitable part of owning a masonry chimney. We specialize in making repairs with high-quality materials that will outlast other solutions. If you’ve got missing mortar joints or loosening brick, call in the experts to get your chimney back in shape. Contact us today for more information.

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